Board performance reviews

Drawing from original research for her PhD thesis, Dr Moodie employs an anthropological model of Board Performance Assessment to ensure thorough, strategic and sustainable advice to her clients. | more

Board Communication Workshops

The information flow between the Management team and its Board, through the Board Pack and Board presentations, is critical to the proper governance of the organisation. Without accurate, strategic and well-presented information, the Board cannot govern properly. | more


The role of Chairman or CEO is often isolated and lonely, with few people qualified or able to provide confidential counsel. Dr Moodie advises Chairmen, NEDs, CEOs and CFOs formally and informally in a variety of situations, ranging from short term assignments on specific issues to regular sessions over months or years.

Who we are

Dr Ann-Maree Moodie is a consultant to Boards, Non-Executive Directors and CEOs with 20 years’ experience conducting governance assignments for, and providing formal and informal advice to, ASX-listed company Boards, and the Boards of superannuation funds and not-for-profit organisations. She also advises Boards in the Asian region.

Dr Moodie is well-known for being perceptive, insightful, strategically-focussed and deeply-informed about contemporary governance issues in Australia and abroad. The Chairmen with whom she has worked say that she delivers her counsel in a frank but respectful manner, and always from an informed position based on thorough research, data-gathering and knowledge of the legal and regulatory frameworks in which Boards operate. | more...

  • "Dr Moodie’s Board Review reports shine with authenticity. She represents the findings from her extensive data-gathering and from her interviews with the Board and Management in a way which is true to the Board’s ethos, and to its identity. But most of all, my Board can see the possibility of our better selves in her writing and recommendations." Chair, Victorian Public Hospital Board

  • "Dr Moodie has the ability to identify issues, even subtle and undefined ones, explore and analyse the root causes, and suggest solutions which result in a more effective,efficient and better functioning board." ASX10 Chairman

  • "Dr Moodie was attentive and sensitive to our particular needs as a government-funded, not-for-profit organisation, and her counsel resulted in a number of improvements in our governance processes. She also provided excellent advice and guidance to me personally as the Chair, and to the Board and the senior management team. I recommend her highly." Chairman, National Arts Organisation

  • "Dr Moodie’s unique ability to remain invisible in the boardroom means that Board interactions occur undisturbed by her presence. This allows her to observe the Board in its natural state. This, combined with her deep understanding of decision-making dynamics, ensures Dr Moodie provides the Board with a nuanced insight into Directors’ interactions, and therefore, tailored advice. This is invaluable to me as a Chairman." ASX100 Chairman

  • "In the past five years, Dr. Moodie has led several performance reviews for boards I chair. My boards have been impressed with her method, analysis, (including clear identification of issues), insights and practical suggestions for improvement. Each company has invited her to return for the next review. I believe she has contributed significantly to the way my boards work and, in doing so, helped us avoid the complacency trap." ASX20 Chairman

  • "Dr Moodie’s value proposition is based on experience, insight and respectful honesty. The work that I and my Boards have done with Dr Moodie over the past year has been game-changing. Dr Moodie has successfully differentiated herself in a sea of sameness with regards to Board & Governance advisory." Non-Executive Director, various Boards

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