The ABC’s War on Waste, hosted by Craig Reucassel and now in its second season, is one of a number of local and international programs which have dominated my recent viewing.

Reucassel’s persuasive argument and practical advice means my yellow bin is always full now. And his commentary on fast fashion is sobering in an era of easy online shopping.

But like many, I despair that recycling as much as possible is hardly enough. Watch 2015’s The True Cost for a powerful and wide-ranging perspective on the global impact of the international fashion industry. Follow it with A Plastic Ocean, a 2013 documentary on the insidious and relentless impact of our commitment to using plastic.

For a different commentary on the effects of climate change, there’s the work of acclaimed environmental photographer James Balog and his Chasing Ice. A similar approach was taken for the making of Chasing Coral released in 2017.

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